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We are a local, family owned tour operator specializing in adventure travel in Tanzania. We have invested substantially to maintain the efficiency and the personalized service that has been our foundation and is now the Africa natural Tours tradition. We focused our attention on training and upgrading the personnel and modernizing our workshop facilities, increasing the quantity and quality of our necessary equipment for smooth communication with the outside world and linking our operations countrywide.
All of our mountain guides are highly skilled and fully licensed members of KGA (Kilimanjaro Guides Association). We provide them with essential training that not only ensures a successful trek but also provides them with future career progression.

Our safari guides’ enthusiasm for wildlife and their habitats are contagious. They will share their in-depth knowledge of the different species of animals, the surrounding flora and fauna and give you an insight into Tanzania’s geological history. Our mountain and safari cooks prepare delicious meals made from local produce. They know just what you need to keep your energy levels up when trekking and provide dishes that add something special to every safari.

We are a local, family-owned tour operator specializing in adventure travel in Tanzania. We have helped fellow travelers explore and experience some of the most amazing places and cultures in Tanzania. We believe travelers deserve a company that shares their passion for adventure. We hope that this will be the start of a very exciting journey for you and we welcome you to discover Tanzania with us. 

Our Vision

To become the most Africans’ tour and Safari Company which provides a most satisfactory time, form and place utility to our guests.

Our Core Value

Satisfying our guest.

Our Mission

To provide the most adventure experiences at affordable prices while ensuring we leave a positive mark on the local community and environment.

Our dedicated team of professionals has one goal, to provide the best and most memorable Tanzanian experience for you! Our staff takes the upmost care in arranging your tours and ensuring everything goes as planned. We pride ourselves in customer care and attention to detail. Our team has a wealth of local knowledge of the land, culture and the biodiversity of Tanzania they are willing to share with you.

Africa Natural has a small, independent tour operator based in Moshi, Kilimanjaro. At Africa Natural we pride ourselves in offering you a personal service that helps you realize your goal. We work closely with you to design your holiday according to your wish list, whilst considering time and budget. Our dedicated team of professionals strives to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Each and every one of them is experts in their trade and has extensive knowledge of mountain trekking and a passion for Tanzania’s wildlife.

Specialized in: Mountain climbing, Wildlife safaris, Cultural tourism and Beach holding
Africa Natural Tours aims at employing those with the potential to be the best in terms of performance and discipline. The driver-guides, mountain guides and couriers are all handpicked, and are continually under training in clients’ safety, nature interpretation, general knowledge, and foreign languages.

Africa Natural Tours is constantly investing in human resource and product development, for we know it is in our interest as well as our duty to ensure that all our guests go back home happy and satisfied with our arrangements. Only this way would they be our good ambassadors to others and come back to us again. We believe in two simple values: attentiveness and knowledge. We need them in the bush, in cities, everywhere, whenever we are with guests.

We know they want to learn, to enjoy and to enjoy the short time they have in our country fully. The volumes of visitors we guide are quite big, but think of the fun and the lasting friendship that more often than not is gained in the course of our duty.

As I look ahead, I am excited about the progress of tourism in Tanzania and the future for Africa Natural Tours. The facilities available to our visitors to Tanzania continue to improve. With this, we are able to provide a better African Experience. As a native Tanzanian, I am committed to promote Tanzania as one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. As the Managing Director of Africa Natural Tours, I am also committed to make sure that every safari participant has an outstanding trip with Africa Natural Tours.

Operations Staff

Given the amount of business we produce, we enjoy very good cooperation from the hoteliers and other suppliers, especially concerning reserving their services.
This gives us some useful leeway to sell, up to the last moment. We don’t close sales at Africa Natural Tours. Our team is under the able leadership, the Director of Operations who has grown with the company and boasting a wealth of experience in the industry.

Marketing Team

It is exciting to be part of the growth of Africa Natural Tours. As a Marketing team, it is important for us that our products continue to meet the ever changing demands of our customers. Each of our travelers completes an evaluation at the end of their trip. We feel that each of these evaluations is an important lesson. They help us understand our clients better to continue providing the services they enjoy.

Transport Manager

There is no pressure here. Because, first I have a young fleet, secondly the drivers are well trained, thirdly  in the bush is possible at all times, and fourthly when I need some relief service to replace a vehicle for example, it is done instantly.