Join 4 & 5 days safari with Africa Natural Tours

4 days in Tarangire National Park & Ngorongoro

Explore this popular four day safari the 3 unquestioned most impressive national parks and verbal exchange region of Tanzania’s Northern safari circuit. Enjoy to the huge elephant populace in Tarangire Park, explore the breathtaking wildebeest migration at Serengeti and spot one of the rare rhinos in Ngorongoro Crater.

4 days Serengeti National Park & Ngorongoro Crater

On this famous safari, you will explore two of Africa’s 7 natural wonders. Watch the breathtaking wildebeest migration at Serengeti and spot one of the rare rhinos in Ngorongoro Crater. On this safari, you will experience an African adventure beyond your wildest dreams.

5 days in Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara National Park

Starting off with Manyara National Park where you will witness the tree climbing lions, astonishing variety of birds, and wallowing hippos you will proceed to Tarangire which is known for it's Savannah plains, the immense herds of elephants amounting to 300 and migratory wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, impala, gazelle, hartebeest and eland crowding the shrinking lagoons of river Tara marks the start of your four days safari expedition. There after you will proceed to Serengeti then Ngorongoro Crater allowing you to see the diverse topography and wildlife that East Africa offers. Making your way from the rim of the crater to Serengeti through the adventurous roads of the hollowed-out Ngorongoro, while seeing animals, birds, and reptiles along the way. You will come close to the Maasai culture as you will pass by one of their bomas have a time to see the huts try their garments and experience the culture.

5 days Serengeti great migration

Maximize your time exploring the great Serengeti plains by joining this fly in wildebeest migration safari. If there’s only one safari you can plan in your lifetime, it has to be the great migration safari. Every year over a million wildebeests and thousands of gazelle and zebras make their way between maasai Mara north reserve and Serengeti national park and back. Indulge your eyes with spectacular event, where majority of wildebeest faces their serious obstacle crossing the Mara River. The atmosphere is always filled with panic, fear and confusion as animals make their way to and from the river with high risk of being attacked by the anticipating predators.