History of about Meru

A minor eruption occurred at Mt Meru in 1910. Formation of the Ash Cone and its associated lava dome and flows in the caldera is younger than 7800 years. The main cone of the volcano has a caldera which is 3.5 km in diameter. It has a large breach on its eastern side.

Few things to note before climbing Mount Meru

  • Mount Meru is a serious three to four-day trek and is often used as a practice run by those hoping to summit Mount Kilimanjaro. A guide is mandatory on every trek and there is only one official route up to the summit. The route is well marked with huts along the way offering simple, comfortable beds. Unofficial routes on the west and northern sides of the mountain are illegal. Acclimatization is important, and while you won't need oxygen, spending at least a few days at altitude before attempting the climb is highly recommended.
  • Guides are mandatory for every trek up Mount Meru. With you is an armed ranger he is there for your safety in light of the mountain's abundant wildlife like Buffalos. Porters are not mandatory but make the trek more enjoyable by helping to carry your equipment. Each porter carries up to 33 pounds/ 15 kilograms. You can hire both porters, guides and an armed at the Momella Gate, but it's a good idea to book in advance with us because in this way we assure you that you have the best experienced and professional crew that will help you summitt. If you choose to trekk with us, these services are usually included in the price that we give you. To book with us click here! Also don't forget to Contact us to ask for tipping guidelines as hiker tips make up a significant percentage of total income for the mountain's guides, porters, and cooks.
  • There is an avarage price to climb mount Meru per person including food, accommodation, guide fees, permits and other involved logistics. As you will need a climbing permit and which takes at least 12 hours to obtain. Booking your climb through an organized tour operator like us might seem a bit more expensive, but also makes the logistics and organization of the whole trip much simpler, professional and successful. You can see a sample of Meru hiking content
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