History of Rwanda Gorrillas

Belgian colonists, who intended to protect the mountain gorillas on Karisimbi, Bisoke and Mikeno in Rwanda and the Belgian Congo from poachers, first gazetted the Virungas as a national park in 1925. This small conservation triangle was the first protected area to be created on the continent of Africa. Four years later, the borders were extended further to form Parc National Albert (Albert National Park), a massive area that encompassed more than 8000 sq km.
Following the independence of the Congo in 1960 and Rwanda in 1962, Albert National Park was split into two entities, the Rwanda portion being assigned the name Parc National des Volcans. During the early years of Rwanda’s fragile independence, it wasn’t poaching or fighting that harmed the gorillas most, but rather a small daisy-like flower known as pyrethrum.

Things to know about Rwanda Gorrillas

  • Hire porters; Even when you are physically okay, it is advisable that you hire porters to help you carry your bags such that you are not too tired when you meet the gorillas. Our operation company can organize the porters for you and your journey more organized and planned.
  • Our guides will give professionall assistance on how to carry and capture a picture infront of the gorrillas. Either, things like Keeping the distance ensuring that the flash of your camera is off as it irritates the gorillas are vital to note.
  • There are things which you should not do!
    1. Don't stare directly into their eyes
    2. Don't run away from the Gorrillas
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