Night #1 & 2: PAJE BEACH

This accommodation facility is just admirable it never take away the beach experiece off your feet, even after closing the door to your room, it still manages to give it to you because there are no floors and instead there is white powdered zanzibari beach sand. This is made possible by the beach location ~ 20 meters from your room and you are in the ocean.
Breakfast is served at the restaurant by the ocean the perfect spot for sunrise views.
This facility is as well headquarters to the Zanzibar Eastern Zone Friday Parties attracting hundreds of young travelers, quite colorful Friday parties happen here.

Night #3: STONE TOWN

The Hotel is inside Old Stone Town, 'Mji mkongwe' in swahili. Just walking there gives you the vibe that you are now in Zanzibar. Stone town streets are norrow, you will come accross lovely kids who will stop playing to say greetings to you as they see you coming, the smell of udi coming from apartments adjusent to streets and Sovenir shops through out gives you signals that you have entered a new culture zone.
The accommodation facility is beautiful as it has maintained Old Zanzibar Architecture and decorations from walls, doors to beds.
Breakfast is saved at the roof-top restaurant where where the rest of Stone-town awaits for roof-top view.

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